COVID-19 Update: Classes on hold

Classes for children and young people are currently on hold. We are in a phased re-opeing of our studio, and hope to return to you soon.

Currently, distancing measures and government guidelines prevent us from offering classes to children and young people. We believe that under these guidelines it would not be safe or responsible to offer group classes to our younger members. This is in the best interest of our participants to prevent injury in what is a high risk activity.

We are able to offer private lessons to those WHO HAVE attended class previously - We are NOT taking on new beginners at this time.

If you have existing class credits which you now wish to be refunded please contact


Aerial Classes for Children and Young Adults!

Join the circus and learn to fly at Leeds Aerial Arts Studio every week!

We encourage all of our aerialists to enjoy developing co-ordination, strength, flexibility, confidence and team work whilst learning fun skills straight from the circus! We will teach your aspiring aerialist to climb, make shapes, and perform routines and tricks all reinforced with good technique and understanding of the strength behind it. We use awesome games, challenges and creative tasks to create a welcoming, fun and supportive space for learning and friendships.

Arts Awards at Leeds Aerial Arts

In 2020 Leeds Aerial Arts will be offering their young aerialists the opportunity to undertake their Arts Award Discover Level. This will have a focus on exploring the art form of Aerial Circus, and developing their (already growing) skills in the Aerial Arts. Participation is optional but all will be encouraged to take part.

The Arts Award is a nationally recognised qualification, designed to inspire young learners to grow their arts and leadership talents. You can read more at

At Discover Level, participation in the Arts Award at Leeds Aerial Arts will include:
- Continuing to take part in learning the Aerial Arts - (Specialising in Aerial Hoop, Trapeze or Aerial Sling. Setting targets in their personal log book and working as a group to achieve those targets.)
- Researching the Aerial Arts, Circus and Acrobatics. - (At home research supported by Leeds Aerial Arts including: Watching performance Clips on YouTube, researching companies, costume, music, lighting, sharing their findings with their peers and recording findings in their log book.)
- Sharing their arts discoveries. (Through their log book, peer discussions and a small sharing for parents.)

Upon completion, this work will be assessed by an external examiner and participants will receive a nationally recognised qualification - Arts Award Discover.

The cost for taking part in each level of the Arts Award is £30 - This will cover your Arts Award Log Book, all Arts Award activities at the Leeds Aerial Arts Studio, the cost of Assessment by our external examiner, and your final certificate.

As this is our first year of Arts Award we are anticipating completing the Discover Award by August, and beginning the Explore Level in September. This target is our guideline but may be changeable as we get stuck in! There is a recommended 20 Guided Learning Hours for Discover, and so the speed at which it will be achieved depends upon how regularly you can get to class, and your commitment to undertaking any tasks at home as appropriate.

If you would like to register your interest, please contact as soon as possible. Please also contact me directly if you would like to chat this through, or have any questions. Participation is not compulsory, however we hope you will see it as a valuable recognition of your young persons developing Aerial skills.

Class Details

4:15-5:30pm Youth Aerial

10:00-11:00am Kids Aerial
11:15-12:30am Youth Aerial

  • Kids Classes (6-10yrs) - £10 per class
  • Youth Classes (11+) - £12 per class
  • Ten Class Passes available
  • Find us at Leeds Aerial Arts Studio, Studio 2, Cross York Street Studios, Leeds, LS2 7EE.
  • Classes must be booked in advance to confirm your place!