Aerial Sling is the PERFECT intro to Aerial Fabrics...

Aerial sling or aerial hammock is a long piece of fabric suspended from the ceiling from which you can perform a variety of shapes, wraps, rolls and drops.

The sling offers support and rest positions whilst enabling you to use the fabric similarly to aerial silks. Silks require a higher level of strength; so join a Sling class to build this strength, and get in the air!

Sling is a great way to start on to the aerial fabric and is a fab supplement for those of you already working on the silks. It offers excellent support, leaving you free to concentrate on building on your strength and learning new tricks with good form and correct technique.

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With Maisie

Learn more about Lorna and why she thinks sling is so great!

"I completed my Sling Instructors training when I first opened the Leeds Aerial Arts Studio in Leeds as it seemed like a great tranisitional workout for silks. Now that I've spent so much time doing it I believe it is one of the most fun classes we run. You get more support than with silks so you can try out more moves, try routines and transitions that would be sometimes a bit scary on other equipment! I would recommend sling for anyone who wants to really work on their technique, or if you're looking for a fun workout!"