Weekly LIVE Online Classes

Stretch & Strengthen with Leeds Aerial Arts from your home! 

“I practice all the time but I still can’t pike on…” “This year I am going to straddle onto the hoop EVERY time” “I have lost my front balance again!” Sound familiar?

You have had a taste of life in the air but are struggling to unlock those key inverts consistently. Your strength and stamina are increasing but the Pike Mount, Straddle Inverts and Front Balances are still out of reach.

You tell yourself, “This will be my year” but something isn’t quite clicking.

Ask yourself…

  • Do you know what skills and muscles you need to train to master the inverts?
  • Do you have the tools and exercises to train these skills?
  • Have you committed to regularly training these skills? - Honestly?

We know that the dream is to train on the aerial equipment, in our beautiful studio, every day. But time, energy and money don’t always make that possible. So, we have created a complete Online Training Programme to give you the knowledge, tools and accountability to train consistently, in short bursts and from the comfort of your home!

Leeds Aerial Arts Online classes are streamed via Zoom. Following your booking, we send you an email with the Zoom link and you are ready to go!

For Pre-Recorded Classes - Visit our ANYTIME Class Page

We have created a handy video below for those new to Zoom, but if you have any other queries before joining us online, do get in touch! lorna@leedsaerialarts.com