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Anytime Recorded Classes

Your mat based training - Anytime! You can now train at a time to suit you, re-do the class several times, working on different elements each time. You can pause and rewind to understand every element in detail and use the repetion to track your progress. Please note, at the moment we are sending the links to these classes manually, we will send your link within 12 hours of purchase. If you do not receive your link in this time please contact lorna@leedsaerialarts.co.uk

This month we have three classes to choose from:

Anytime Core & Upper Body with Lorna

Welcome to your May Core & Upper Body Strengthening class with Lorna. This session is for all levels however it is intended to be a challenge! The class is planned with Aerialists bodies in mind, targeting the abdominals and obliques, lats and shoulders. The exercises will challenge and strengthen for your ‘good hangs’ and inverts in the air.

Anytime Every Day Stretch with Kathryn

This session is designed to lengthen and reset the body after a day of hard work; whether you have been sat still at a desk or dashing around. This stretch class is your chance to focus in on your body, switch off from 'work mode', to break up a long day of sitting still and hunched over a screen, or to take some must needed time to work on self care for your body.

Anytime Yoga for Relaxation with Gaby

Join Gaby for for an indulgent class to calm the body and mind. This class could be done first thing in the morning as a gentle flow to wake you up, or perhaps just before bed to wind down for a good nights rest. Gaby has also created a playlist just for this class which you can use too!

Gift Vouchers

Looking for the perfect gift!? Our gift vouchers can be used for any of our Aerial Fitness, Aerial Yoga, Stretch or Online Classes. They can also be used for for 1-2-1 training sessions, private parties, and our branded kit!

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