Will I be expected to wear a face covering?

In line with the current government advice, we will not be recommending facial coverings during exercise. These coverings restrict airflow and cause dizziness and disoriontation, especially when upside down! You can see the government guidance on this topic here. However you are welcome to make your own choice and attend class however you feel most comfortable. 

How much are classes?

You can find all of that information on our price list page.

I am new to Aerial, what should I wear for class?

You should wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing which covers the backs of your knees, make sure that long hair is tied back, and that all jewellery is removed. Baggy clothing can get tangled, and baggy tops have a life of their own when you are hanging upside down! For your feet, socks or bare feet. People tend to bring a long sleeved to keep warm and to protect the arms when learning new moves which use your arms.

You should bring water, and your phone or a camera to take pictures of your progress! We have a hashtag on Instagram where you can see all of the pictures shared from class – Take a look here: #leedsaerialarts

Do you offer memberships?

We do not offer a monthly membership, reason being, we strive to keep costs down for all of our classes anyway! We do sell class passes, and so if you wish to purchase your classes for the month on payday, you can do. Paying for class passes ensures that only pay for the classes you attend, if you have a couple of weeks off for holiday, you don't loose out!

Is there parking?

We are located in Leeds City Centre therefore if you choose to drive to us there are lots of places to park near by. We recommend parking on Wharf Street, The Calls, or for longer stays, Maude Street Car Park (LS2 7DR). There is a charge for parking locally.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes! We can offer private sessions in any discipline, with any of our experienced and supportive instructors. Whether you are a complete beginners or have a specific goal in mind we can help. Private lessons are £35 for an hour session or can be purchased as 4 sessions for £120.

Can men attend all of the classes?

Of course!

What about children & young people?

In response to COVID-19, our classes for children & young people are currently on pause. We hope to be back very soon!

Do you have social channels I can join?

Yes! We post a lot of content on our Instagram page, and have a Facebook page where you can read loads of our reviews. We also have a Twitter account for updates and funny quips.

I'm ready to book! How do I join you?

You can book classes on our timetable and booking page.

If you have any further questions please do get in touch with Lorna lorna@leedsaerialarts.co.uk