If you are looking for training inspiration, and are ready to elevate your aerial practice this is for you!

Introducing ELEVATE ONLINE, an online platform of over 150 tutorials on the aerial hoop by yours truly 😊

Discover my complete library of aerial hoop moves, sequences, twisty tricks and transitions. I have broken down each movement, helping you to identify the correct muscles and weight placement needed, and tips and techniques for executing movement safely and SUCCESSFULLY!

If you have a hoop at home but never know what to train, this is for you!

I also include at-home training tools to support our training journey, building all over body strength and preventing injury.

Your Elevate Online membership includes:

  • Exclusive access to the complete library of Aerial Hoop moves, ready-made flows, tricks and transitions.
  • Direct messaging and feedback from Lorna.
  • Voting power to choose upcoming tutorials!
  • Access to our Facebook community of aerialists. (From 1st April)
  • Exclusive access to additional at-home training tools, inspiration and resources.

I know you will find this to be a valuable companion to your physical Aerial Training, to help you to better understand each movement, and to remember skills learnt as we go along! 

L 🙃

Looking for a sneak peak?

Nothing beats that feeling when you pull off an awesome-looking aerial move with style 🙌 If you are looking for some real showstoppers, I have handpicked 5 of the best for you to try…

Follow the link to unlock my 5 favourite shapes 🙃 Including a NEW take on our iconic Leeds Aerial Arts ‘Logo move.’

If you love these, use the links to browse ELEVATE ONLINE where you can find over 150 additional tutorials for aerial shapes, transitions and sequences!