Aerial is for ANYONE who wants to step out of their comfort zone and realise they are capable of more than they think!

Aerial is also a fantastic full-body workout designed to build strength, muscle tone and to increase flexibility. At Leeds Aerial Arts we teach aerial from the VERY beginning, you do not need to have brilliant upper body strength, be able to do the splits or be a particular shape and size. All we ask is that you arrive with a can-try mindset, ready to give it a go!

Aerial Yoga is suitable for all abilities, but for Aerial Fitness (Hoop, Trapeze, Silks, Sling or Straps) our classes are split by abilitiy. We offer to pay as you go classes and our popular four-week intro courses in Hoop and Trapeze. Here you will get a full introduction to aerial fitness, the equipment offers support and rest positions ideal for a new beginner. Here you will be able to build strength and confidence in the air, ready and raring to continue in any of our studio classes!

We have three ways to get you started, something to suit every schedule…

4 Week Beginners Courses:

Available in Aerial Hoop or Static Trapeze

This 4-week beginners course is for those completely new to their chosen aerial equipment. This course will provide a rounded introduction to Aerial Fitness, at the end of the course you should feel armed with the confidence and strength to join any of our timetabled classes!

Within the course, you will learn the basic mounts and dismounts, static poses and even rolls in a unique, full-body workout! Our instructors are highly experienced and welcoming, we tailor all of our classes to the needs of the group and all abilities. You do not need to have great upper body strength to begin with, this will improve along the way!

The course also comes with a real sense of teamwork and community, in week one everyone arrives new together, all as complete beginners and often a little nervous! Quickly the groups form strong bonds, helping one another and working together to try the moves. For this reason, aerial can be a great place to meet new people and make friends! Scroll down to see our upcoming course dates and get involved!

This course is £60 per person, and at the end of the four sessions, you should feel confident and excited to move into any of the other classes offered at our studio.

Beginners Drop In Classes:

Get a taster of aerial fitness in a one-hour intro class. If you are not sure that the beginner’s course is for you, this is your opportunity to give it a try before signing up! Your instructor will teach you how to get onto the equipment and share some of the shapes covered in the beginner’s courses. We run Beginners Drop In Classes in Aerial Hoop, Silks and Sling. Book our weekly beginner class HERE.

1-2-1 Private Lessons:

If you are unable to make our timetabled classes, you can join us for an Aerial 1-2-1. 1-2-1s are a great way to try Aerial for the first time at times that don’t fall with the timetable group classes, gain additional spotting and strengthening support and progress at your own pace. You can view our availability and book a 1-2-1 here.