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Anytime Recorded Classes

Your mat based training - Anytime! You can now train at a time to suit you, re-do the class several times, working on different elements each time. You can pause and rewind to understand every element in detail and use the repetion to track your progress. Please note, at the moment we are sending the links to these classes manually, we will send your link within 12 hours of purchase. If you do not receive your link in this time please contact lorna@leedsaerialarts.co.uk

Pre-recorded class terms and conditions

Box Splits Stretch with Aimee

Drill down and stretch for beautiful box splits! This NEW pre-recorded class from our (also new) team member Aimee is jam packed with strenthening and mobility drills for the hips, glutes and hamstrings. Just the ticket for stretching out your middle splits for the floor and in the air!

Hip Stretch & Open with Kathryn

A gentle, mobilising class, filled with calming stretches and movement exercises. Here you can relax and free the tension from your body! This class is for those who feel sit down for too much of the day feeling tight and uncomfortable, or for those wanting to improve the flexibility in your hips for your aerial shapes!

Energising Yoga Flow with Gaby

Welcome to your energising yoga flow with Gaby.
This session is designed to uplift and to bring energy on those days where you might feel a little flat. You will begin with a guided warm up, building heat and strength to move into back bending, heart opening postures. Gaby will also share a variety of breath techniques to move that stuck energy around the body and bring you back to life.

Active Flexibility (Lower Body) with Dora

When working in the air we are often working against gravity, which means that you must use strength and muscle control to open into flexy shapes, there is no floor to rely on! In this class Dora will guide you through a series of lower body drills to challenge and strengthen your active flexibility to create beautiful shapes in the air.

Back Bend Basics with Kathryn

In this class Kathryn will guide you through the correct technique in back bending.

"I will show you what exercises you should be doing to strengthen your muscles and build on your flexibility. This class is for those who wants to start their back bending flexibility journey, AND for those who wish to practice the basics and the correct technique to ensure they are training in a safe and strong way."

Anytime Headstand Flow with Gaby

Welcome to your headstand inversions yoga class with Gaby.  Begin with a guided warm up for the shoulders and neck, building heat and strength to prepare for your poses. Gaby will then guide you through a series of headstand variations for all levels, and finsh with a calming shavasana.

Splits Stretches with Kathryn

Welcome to your SPLITS stretch class with Kathryn.
In this class Kathryn will guide you through the correct technique to acheive your true square splits! Whatever your starting point here are your tools to master the splits. Revisit this video for regular practice, with the correct technique to see your splits progress.

Anytime Handstand Drills with Dora

Dora is a theatre and circus performer and teacher based in Yorkshire. She teaches partner acrobatics and handstands across the UK, including at the London Acrobatics Convention and for Acroyoga International in Athens. She also recently organised the UK's first Women's Acrobatics Weekend.

In this video Dora shares an intro to Handstand Drills, covering technique tips for alignment, muscles tightness and engagement, kick up practice and balance endurance. For more with Dora join our weekly class online every Wednesday.

You will need a clear space near to a wall for this class.

Anytime Happy Hamstrings with Kathryn

This session will give your hamstrings a serious stretch. Long and strong hamstrings are key for injury prevention, square splits and acheiving gorgeous strong, straight legs in our favourite poses! Remember, consistent practicing will get you there, and here is your tool to practice!

Anytime Yoga for Relaxation with Gaby

Join Gaby for for an indulgent class to calm the body and mind. This class could be done first thing in the morning as a gentle flow to wake you up, or perhaps just before bed to wind down for a good nights rest. Gaby has also created a playlist just for this class which you can use too!

Anytime Every Day Stretch with Kathryn

Welcome to your full body stretch class with Kathryn.

This session is designed to lengthen and reset the body after a day of hard work; whether you have been sat still at a desk or dashing around.

This stretch class is your chance to focus in on your body, switch off from 'work mode', to break up a long day of sitting still and hunched over a screen, or to take some must needed time to work on self care for your body.

Our lives around work can become very repetitive, and this can lead to strains on the body, to poor posture and therefore injuries, aches and pains. In order to counter-act this build up it is important to stretch our bodies to keep them healthy and feel good. If you get bad headaches or body aches, or bad posture from sitting down a lot, then this class is a really good one to do regularly.

Please complete a full warm up before taking part. During class you will either need a chair (or similar.) For the Hamstring Stretch, instead of using a chair you could stand on Yoga Bricks, or books.


Training for Aerial Inverts with Louis

The class is aimed at Aerialists of all levels and will work through the mobility and strength required for sucessful aerial inverts, specifically focusing on the core and shoulders. This session is for your practice, work at your own level to add or reduce reps as you need to.

For the class you will need two dumbells (1-2kg) alternatively you could use bottles of water.

Anytime Core & Upper Body 1 with Lorna

Welcome to your May Core & Upper Body Strengthening class with Lorna. This session is for all levels however it is intended to be a challenge! The class is planned with Aerialists bodies in mind, targeting the abdominals and obliques, lats and shoulders. The exercises will challenge and strengthen for your ‘good hangs’ and inverts in the air.

Anytime Core & Upper Body 2 with Lorna

Again, this class is planned with Aerialists bodies in mind! We will work the upper, mid & lower abdominals, lats and shoulders. The exercises will challenge and strengthen for endurance in the air. This session is for all levels however it is intended to be a challenge! Work at your own level and take the adaptations when you need to.

For the class you will a light resistance band.

Anytime Core & Upper Body 3 with Lorna

Round 3! Core & Upper Body Strengthening class with Lorna on the mat. Train for Aerial at home then put it to practice in the air!

In this session you can find more resistance band exercises and variations on the classic plank and sit up exercises.

Suitable for all levels, you do not need to do these classes in order.