The perfect balance between Aerial and Yoga…

Aerial yoga is a NEW approach grounded in the principles and practices of traditional yoga. In class we practice yoga postures and inversion using a modified aerial sling which is suspended from the ceiling in a hammock shape. The hammock is supportive by its structure yet creative and challenging! Strength is built, flexibility increased, tension released and beautiful shapes are made within this unique class, leaving you with an engaged yet open body and a calm mind.

In our classes we an Aerial Yoga Trapeze, which combines a large fabric sling with attached handles. The sling provides support during inversions and the handles help to build strength using TRX (Total Resistance eXercises) conditioning exercises. 

Who is it for? 

Anyone who wants to try something new! Our classes welcome ALL abilities.

Aerial yoga brings a totally different way of moving. It allows the body moments of feeling supported and weightless, with the opportunity for different perspectives as we literally turn things upside down! 

All abilities are welcome as the sling provides accessibility in inversion yoga poses that otherwise would be more challenging when relying totally on muscle strength. 

We have a dedicated beginners class on Mondays if you think you need a slow and steady start, but all of our classes welcome all abilities.

What are the benefits? 

Did you know practicing Aerial inversions:

  • Relieves joint pressure and spinal compression
  • Releases tension
  • Increases balance and proprioception (bodily awareness)
  • Enhances core strength.
  • Releases endorphins to make you feel flipping fabulous!

Aerial yoga also increases ‘pull’ strength, which is in contrast to mat-based yoga where we rely on a lot of push strength in movements such as chaturanga. And of course, we still get all the lovely benefits any type of yoga brings such as increased flexibility and a conscious and calm state of well being. 

The class is set up in a really friendly and fun way. There are moments to find a personal sense of calm and moments to interact and support one another too. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, it’s ok to wobble!

What can I expect from my first class?

A typical aerial yoga class will bring the perfect balance of connection to breath, strengthening and energising movements. The class begins with a moment of calm, intention setting and breathwork. You will then move into a yoga flow in the hammocks, building a little heat, trusting your body into the hammock and challenging the balance! With plenty of time to hang upside down, you’ll then play with some inversions, releasing tension and lengthening your spine. The class comes to a close with a lovely relaxation and savasana either in the hammock or grounded on the mat – your choice! 

All of this will be led by our fab instructor, Gaby Cooke who will guide you through each pose, help you to learn and build confidence in the equipment at your own pace and answer any questions you may have.

Advice for beginners from Gaby…

“Approach it with an open mind and don’t compare yourself to others. Ever. Don’t even compare yourself to how you feel on another day as each day is different. In the past, I have compared myself to others in terms of ability and appearance, and now whenever I feel myself beginning to do so I just remind myself we all have something both special and different to offer, and that everyone has these same thoughts to work with; we’re all in it together!”

“Trust the sling, it has got you I promise! If you like any time of movement, if you want to feel strong, flexible, weightless, and part of a community. If you have any back pain this is sure to ease it and if you want to take some time for yourself (which you deserve) then come check us out!”

Here’s what some of our clients say…

Caitlin – “Aerial yoga with Gaby is honestly the highlight of my week, she’s an incredible instructor. She always manages to balance pushing yourself and trying new things with the relaxation of yoga. Absolutely love it every single time I go.”

Kat – “Aerial yoga with Gaby is amazing-great at stretching you out and getting into inverted but safe and secure poses to challenge you. You don’t need upper body strength to do this class but I know mine will get better with all the lifting and gripping I did. Booked for next week straight afterwards it was that good!”

Katie – “Aerial Yoga at Leeds Aerial Arts is amazing! I’ve only been to a couple of classes but I already love it. You immediately feel welcomed in by Gaby and the small class sizes are lovely. Aerial Yoga is an exhilarating yet grounding experience and you feel amazing when you come out. Highly recommend!”

So how do I sign up?

Classes run regularly throughout the week. Each session lasts 60 mins and places are limited so click here to book your space today.