BIG thanks to all who were able to join us last night for self-defence for women at Leeds Aerial Arts. We also welcomed Channel 4 to the studio this week, who observed the class and to spoke to our members for a piece on for Channel 4 News.

Thank you to all who shared their stories with the team, the energy in class last night was amazing, supportive, empowering and at times quite emotional. Thanks as always to Chun from Team Fu Martial Arts for challenging us and sharing your skills. The piece is scheduled to air on Channel 4 News on Tuesday 12th October 2021.

We are, sadly, in times where a lot of women feel at risk going about their daily lives. Recent stories including that of Sarah Everard, Sabina Nessa and Libby Squire have shaken us, and the narrative of what we women “should” do to protect ourselves is just not good enough. I took some time last week to reflect on this and went through the full spectrum of emotions, anger, sadness, disappointment, fear, and grief for these women, and for a time when I (perhaps naively) felt safe.

We know that the solution should not be to arm ourselves in preparation for threatening situations. There are much bigger issues to address. But if this class can help you to stand a little taller when walking alone, to find the voice to say something if a person is stood too close to you, the confidence to call out inappropriate behaviours and find solidarity with other women, then that can only be a good thing.

SELF DEFENCE FOR WOMEN is free every week at Leeds Aerial Arts with Chun from Team Fu Martial Arts. The class runs every Wednesday 5-6pm. Reserve a place here 👉

The class is FREE every week. For those who would like to pay, please make a donation to Leeds Womens Aid or any of the other Leeds Women’s organisations listed in the class booking page (and listed on Women’s Lives Leeds) 👈 This is also a super place to look if you are in needs of any support as a women living or working in Leeds. 

Anyone who has already contributed to the running of this class. I have collated all of these funds and donated them to Leeds Womens Aid already.

Watch the programme here: