I get asked this question maybe once a week.

In fact, I was asked it yesterday on the phone, instructor Gaby overhead my conversation in the office, she just short of gave me a round of applause after I hung up.

I thought you might be interested to hear my answer… 👇

It is clear that I LOVE aerial fitness and I want as many people to experience class as possible, it is in my interest to secure lots of bookings, but when I get asked this question from a potential client I always answer honestly, and the answer is no.

But stay with me… No, aerial fitness is not designed to help you to lose weight, but if you are asking me “will aerial help me to lose weight?”, I challenge you to ask yourself a different question…

✨”Why do you want to lose weight?”✨

Is it to make you feel more confident in your body?
To feel stronger?
To feel more capable?
Is it to feel proud of yourself?
Is it to see photos of yourself and think WOW that is me!?

As women we are so often told to take up as little space as possible and to be a particular size. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a healthy weight. But most of the time I am asked this question by women who are a perfectly healthy weight. Our classes are all about seeing yourself as who you truly are, a glowing and fearless powerhouse cased in a strong and capable body ❤️

And bonus… If you find a form of exercise you LOVE, in a place that you feel safe and encouraged to train, that you genuinely enjoy… becoming fitter, stronger and leaner is probably going to happen naturally and in a much more sustainable way.🙌

Will we shout at you to work harder, to earn your calories (🤬) and encourage you to weigh and measure yourself?

Will we help you to feel more confident in your body, and stronger inside AND out? ABSOLUTELY.

I am confident that you are already pretty awesome, you just could do with a reminder, and permission to let that person out a bit more often 👍

Lorna 🙃