You’ve booked on to your first aerial class, go you! But what to wear??

For your first classyou should wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing which covers the backs of your knees, be sure to tie back long hair, and remove any jewellery. Baggy clothing can get tangled, and loose tops can have a life of their own when you are hanging upside down! People tend to bring a long-sleeved top or sweatshirt to keep warm, and as a comfy extra layer when learning new moves.

Above all, make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your kit for your first session!

(This is one of the shapes you can expect to try in your first hoop class!) – Lorna.

You can wear socks for hoop if you would like (yoga socks with grips on the bottom are amazing) but bare feet are best for classes on the aerial fabric, for added grip. No shoes are worn for aerial. 

Bring along some water and your phone or a camera to take pictures of your progress! We have a hashtag on Instagram where you can see all of the pictures shared from class – Take a look here: #leedsaerialarts