At a time when were are constantly adjusting to the ‘new normal’, often on a daily basis, Gaby shares her tips for finding balance in the mind, body and movement…

“Balance is not about being in one perfect, completely still place. Balance is a state of adjusting, shifting, evolving, living within as we move forward.” 

In movement practices, training balance tends to go one of two ways…. We tense everything, body rigid, wobble over and probably hear from inside something like, “Come on you should be able to do this!” Or, before we even begin our head saying “You’re not going to be able to do this”, we don’t apply the effort to pose by engaging or muscles, and we’re floppy so again we wobble over.⠀

With practice and awareness our it goes a little more like this… You engage a little then, remind yourself to relax. You stay present second to second and assess whats happening, your mind and body work togather to convince yourself “You can do this” and “You are safe.” This is balance. This is the place between effort and ease. ⠀

Join me in class to explore balance in our yoga practice and what that truly feels like. Funky poses involved and the most advanced challenge of all – permitting yourself to have fun with it all! 🙃⠀

Find your balance:

  • Powerful Postures Yoga LIVE Online Mondays 6:00pm – Train your strength and control through a series of arm balances, binds and yoga postures. With a new focus each week this class will get you on your hands, strengthening and playing 🔥
  • Handstand Drills LIVE Online Wednesdays 5:10pm – Classes always welcome BEGINNERS and include time for individual feedback to level up your handstand whatever your starting point 🙃.

✨ Aerial Yoga at Leeds Aerial Arts ✨

Aerial Yoga is a unique blend of traditional yoga postures and principles combined with aerial arts and TRX strength functions. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced yogi, we have classes that will make you feel right at home.

The hammock is supportive by its structure yet creative and challenging! Strength is built, flexibility increased, tension released and beautiful shapes are made within this unique class, leaving you with an engaged yet open body and a calm mind.

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Love from Lorna, Gaby and the Team