Arts Award at Leeds Aerial Arts.

Starting January 2020.

In 2020 Leeds Aerial Arts will be offering their young aerialists the opportunity to undertake their Arts Award Discover Level. This will have a focus on exploring the art form of Aerial Circus, and developing their (already growing) skills in the Aerial Arts. Participation is optional but all will be encouraged to take part.

The Arts Award is a nationally recognised qualification, designed to inspire young learners to grow their arts and leadership talents. From the initial Arts Award Discover level, all the way through to Gold Arts Award, the qualifications offer a variety of ways to develop creative skills, the content of the award can be tailored to the centre, adviser and learners.

The Arts Award is delivered at approved centres across the UK, therefore you could decide to complete some levels with one centre, and other levels with other centres to explore even more skills!

At Discover Level, participation in the Arts Award at Leeds Aerial Arts will include:

  • Continuing to take part in learning the Aerial Arts – (Specialising in Aerial Hoop, Trapeze or Aerial Sling. Setting targets in their personal log book and working as a group to achieve those targets.)
  • Researching the Aerial Arts, Circus and Acrobatics. – (At home research supported by Leeds Aerial Arts including: Watching performance Clips on YouTube, researching companies, costume, music, lighting, sharing their findings with their peers and recording findings in their log book.)
  • Sharing their arts discoveries. (Through their log book, peer discussions and a small sharing for parents.) 

Upon completion, this work will be assessed by an external examiner and participants will receive a nationally recognised qualification – Arts Award Discover.

If you would like to register your interest, please contact as soon as possible. Please also contact me directly if you would like to chat this through, or have any questions. Participation is not compulsory, however we hope you will see it as a valuable recognition of your young persons developing Aerial skills.

With thanks and warm regards,


Lorna Mackinder-Clark

Studio Founder- Leeds Aerial Arts