Join our weekly class to commit to your flexibility goals. Whether you are aiming to master the splits, a better backbend or to touch your toes – Wednesday stretch class is where you need to be…

Why do I need to stretch?

Stretching the key is to keeping your muscles flexible, strong and healthy. A good stretch routine will help to maintain a good range of motion in your muscles and joints. Whether you’re a professional dancer, an aerialist in the making or simply on the path for a healthier lifestyle, stretching should be an integral part of your training.

Regular stretch sessions will increase both your passive and active flexibility as well as your overall strength. So if you want your hoop shapes to be “splitty” then the key is regular practice!

During a good stretch you can releases any built up tension from the day,  especially if you’ve been slumped over a desk, join our class and leave feeling AMAZING.

Did you know? – As humans, we’re the only animal that doesn’t stretch properly when we wake up. If you’re a pet owner, you’ll notice how often your cat or dog stretches!

Can I join the stretch class as a complete beginner?

YES! Our Stretch classes are open to ALL abilities – it doesn’t matter whether your joints feel like they’re superglued together or you can already fold yourself in half. Practice is the key so get yourself to class!

This class is definitely unique as it’s not what you may think of as ‘traditional’ stretching – the techniques you’ll learn and practice are a lovely mishmash of ballet, contemporary dance, yoga, contortion work and partner stretches. All of these combined elements provide a class that is accessible and inspiring and most importantly FUN!

As everyone’s body is different, there’s no set expectation in these sessions and instead, you’ll work on your own development, at your own pace. Many of our clients find working with a partner helps them achieve a deeper stretch.

You will leave class feeling energised, a little less stressed and closer to your stretch goals.

I’ve never been flexible – is there hope for me?

Everyone has to start from somewhere and even the bendiest of folk probably couldn’t touch their toes at some point. If you’re a beginner, don’t compare yourself to others and only focus on yourself. Just because someone’s more flexible than you, doesn’t mean you will be expected to be at the same level- use them for tips and tricks! We are all friendly here.

Many of the students who attend this class surprise themselves when they see what a bit of practice can do and how quickly they start to make progress.

We asked Kathryn what she has learnt through her years of flexibility and dance training. She told us this:

“In my experience, the biggest myth about stretching is directed to
those of you who are double-jointed and hyperextended. For me, I have naturally been flexible in my lower spine, and I have hyperextended joints.

Whilst studying, I was constantly being instructed by teachers not to use the range of motion I have and hearing, “by 30 you’ll have a bad back!”. This is the wrong way of looking at it in my opinion, by understanding the strength and mechanics of my body I am able to train to my limits, comfortably, and safely. This is why I teach my students the correct way to strengthen their bodies so they can support their developing flexibility.

Strength and flexibility come as a pair. People don’t always understand how strong you actually need to be to increase flexibility. Funnily enough, throughout my dance career, it’s only recently that I’ve understood that I can actually work on my back flexibility. There is always more practice to do!”

Here’s what some of our students think…

“I was instantly hooked to this class when Kathryn began guiding me. Her encouragement helps me to stretch further I thought I could from my very first session.

Her routines are challenging, fun and accessible to all. This makes these classes very addictive and I can see and feel the impact it has on body afterward.”

“As someone who struggles with flexibility, I really enjoy the variety of Kathryn’s stretch class which is both challenging and fun!

Kathryn is friendly and super supportive, no matter how big or small your goals are. She always offers great advice and tips to help you on your way to success.”

“Kathryn’s stretch class is both challenging and enjoyable. I was seeing progress by my third class! She shares all the best hints and tips to help you get that little bit further. She also teaches with so much passion that you’re always motivated.”

“Not only is Kathryn a wonderful human being, but she’s an awesome teacher. She’s supportive, encouraging and knows exactly how to push you further when teaching both aerial and stretch. Kathryn’s classes are always loads of fun and she’s super passionate which is infectious!”

“I love stretch class because it gives me time to work on the goals I’ve set for myself. Kathryn is an amazing teacher who has a very positive and encouraging approach to pushing people to reach their bendy goals. I’ve found since starting this class, my hoop and yoga practice have benefited.”

“I like Kathryn’s stretch class because they are very productive yet light-hearted and fun. The hour absolutely flies by and I always wish we had more time!

We do a lot of partner work which I love. I’m a quite shy and awkward person so this is a testament to Kathryn’s ability to cultivate a welcoming, undaunting and friendly environment!

I’ve learnt a lot about stretching through this class as well. I’ve been dancing my whole life (so I’m fairly bendy), but I never realised you should strengthen and stretch at the same time.

Kathryn guides you through the conditioning and stretching elements superbly. She’s one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met and I always leave her class feeling rejuvenated!”

How do I sign up?

Our weekly stretch class every Wednesday at the studio at 18:45 for an hour. Book your slot here.