What is aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga is a NEW approach grounded in the principles and practices of traditional yoga. It combines traditional yoga poses and flows using a modified aerial sling which is suspended from the ceiling in a hammock shape. 

In our classes we use a new form of equipment called an Aerial Yoga Trapeze, this combines a large sling with attached handles. The sling provides support during inversions and the handles help to build strength using TRX (Total Resistance eXercises) conditioning exercises. 

This unique blend of yoga and aerial arts, enables you to work on your flexibility with the anti-gravitational platform the sling provides. This can be a great way to work on moves which require a little more support including backbends and headstands. 

Who is it for? 

Anyone who wants to try something new! Our classes welcome ALL abilities.

Aerial yoga brings a totally different way of moving. It allows the body moments of feeling supported and weightless, with the opportunity for different perspectives as we literally turn things upside down! 

All abilities are welcome as the sling provides accessibility in inversion yoga poses that otherwise would be more challenging when relying totally on muscle strength. 

What are the benefits? 

There are so many benefits unique to aerial yoga. Hanging in the sling allows the spine to release compression, relieving back pain and actually allowing students to grow taller! Mental capacity and proprioception are improved due to the multi-directional nature of the class style.

Aerial yoga also increases ‘pull’ strength, which is a great counter for mat yoga where we rely on a lot of push strength in movements such as chaturanga. And of course, we still get all the lovely benefits any type of yoga brings such as increased flexibility and conscious and calm state of well being. 

The class is set up in a really friendly and fun way. There are moments to find a personal sense of calm and moments to interact and support one another too. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, its ok to wobble!

What can I expect from my first class?

A typical aerial yoga class will bring the perfect balance of connection to breath, strengthening and energising movements. With plenty of time to hang upside down, you’ll release and lengthen your spine and close with a lovely relaxation. 

All of this will be led by our fab instructor, Gaby Cooke who will guide you through each pose, help you learn at your own pace and answer any questions you may have.

Advice for beginners 

Let go of any fear holding you back! Sometimes arriving to your first class or time upside down can be scary as it’s something your body doesn’t usually do. Once you let yourself go for it your confidence will come on in leaps and bounds! Allow yourself this time to learn about yourself and your amazing strength both physically and mentally when learning a new skill.

Here’s what some of our students say…

Caitlin – “Aerial yoga with Gaby is honestly the highlight of my week, she’s an incredible instructor. She always manages to balance pushing yourself and trying new things with the relaxation of yoga. Absolutely love it every single time I go.”

Kat – “Aerial yoga with Gaby is amazing-great at stretching you out and getting into inverted but safe and secure poses to challenge you. You don’t need upper body strength to do this class but I know mine will get better with all the lifting and gripping I did. Booked for next week straight afterwards it was that good!”

Katie – “Aerial Yoga at Leeds Aerial Arts is amazing! I’ve only been to a couple of classes but I already love it. You immediately feel welcomed in by Gaby and the small class sizes are lovely. Aerial Yoga is an exhilarating yet grounding experience and you feel amazing when you come out. Highly recommend!”

So how do I sign up?

Classes run regularly throughout the week: Monday 5:15pm (Beginners)/ Tuesday at 12:15pm (All) and Thursday at 6:00pm or 7:00pm (All). Each session lasts 60 mins and places are limited so click here to book your space today.