You probably didn’t even think about conquering the splits before starting aerial, but now you will know that having good overall flexibility makes SUCH a difference. There are so many gorgeous flexy moves to be mastered, lets master them in 2018!

I have always been quite flexible but only on my left side, and my technique is poor! My 2018 goal is to NAIL my right leg splits.

I’ve put together this series of stretches to open the hip flexors and lengthen your hamstrings for splits.

In order to get a successful splits its really helpful to stretch out in different poses, rather than forcing your way down. It will help you to get the right technique, make the splits easier and prevent injury – and remember there is no cheating once you are in the air!

With stretching, little and often in best! Aim for 10 minutes a few times a week rather than one long session which leaves you feeling tight and sore for days! This will also be much easier to stick too!

Try to lengthen into each pose for a few deep breaths and be sure to train both sides. (I do three songs worth of stretches… to make it sound more exciting!)

If something is hurting then stop! Some days will feel easier than others so don’t force it. Remember – little and often is best! Take your time, and use it as 10 minutes to breath and be calm.

My Stretches for Splits

1.Hanging Hamstring Stretch – Feet hip width apart, fold forward and let your head and shoulders hang heavy. Check that your hips are over your knees, and knees over your feet.

2. Folded Hamstring StretchWith your feet still parallel take a step forward and fold your chest towards your front leg,  keep your spine long and straight. Check that hips stay parallel with your knees and feet, just as we are aiming to do in the splits.

3. Hip Flexor Stretch – Step into a lunge, keeping your pelvis neutral (you may have to tuck your bottom under) so that you can stretch into your hip flexor.  Check that your hips square and that your front knee is in line with your hip, and knee over your ankle.

4. Kneeling Hamstring and Hip Flexor Stretch – Drop the back knee so that you can deepen the hip stretch.

5. Kneeling Hamstring Stretch – Straighten your front leg and fold forward again, you can flex your front foot to deepen the stretch.

6. Splits – If you want, lower yourself down into splits. Keep your hips square, no cheating! Why not take a BEFORE picture on your first attempt? This is mine, (granted on my good side.) Both sides will be flat and square by the end of the year!

HOWS YOUR POSTURE? Check that your back is straight.
ARE YOU IN LINE? Check that your front knee is pointing upwards, and you back knee is pointing down to the floor.
ARE YOU STACKED? In the postures check that your knee is over your ankle, your shoulders are over your hips, and your shoulders are over your wrists.

These stretches will also be useful for middle splits.

Make sure you are warm before you stretch, and take time to recover afterwards!

Happy Stretching! 😜

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