Take part in our February Fitness Challenge

Four weeks & four challenges to build strength for aerial!

Week 2 is all about ARMS, try the exercises below for toned and strong arms!

I am using 1KG weights, you can use something heavier if you prefer, or two tins of baked beans if you don’t have weights! To start with, try each exercise for 30 seconds. Thats only 2 and a half minutes to strong and toned arms!

The exercises…

Small Arm Circles

  • Extend your arms out to the side at shoulder height, (palms flexed if you are not using weights.) 
  • Draw small circles forwards keeping you arms extended straight.
  • Repeat circling the arms in the opposite direction.
  • Try to sit up straight and keep your shoulders blades pulling down your back.

Chest Press & Arm Lifts


  • With your palms facing forward reach your arms straight forward in front of your body. Keeping them level with your shoulders open them out to the side. Turn your palms to face upwards and reach both arms above your head.
  • Open your arms back to shoulder level and repeat, (forwards, side, up, side.)
  • Again try to sit up straight and keep your shoulders blades pulling down your back.
  • You could also try this exercise laying down with your back and feet flat to the floor.

Bicep Pulses

  • Sit with your arms at 90 degrees palms facing towards one another. Lift your forearms slightly upwards to engage your biceps.
  • Pulse your arms up and down to work your biceps. Try to make this movement as small as possible.

Tricep switches

  • Lay on the floor with feet flat to the floor and your arms by your hips palms facing down.
  • Lift one arm just of the floor and the other over your head, hovering just of the floor for 1-3 seconds.
  • Switch to swap arm and repeat.

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