You’ve booked on to your first aerial class, yippee! But what to wear??


For your first class, you should wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing which covers the backs of your knees, make sure that long hair is tied back, and that all jewellery is removed. Baggy clothing can get tangled, and baggy tops have a life of their own when you are hanging upside down! People tend to bring a long sleeved to keep warm and to protect the arms when learning new moves which use your arms.

You can wear socks for hoop and trapeze if you would like (yoga socks with grips on the bottom are amazing) but you will have to have bare feet for silks so that you can climb.

You should bring water, and your phone or a camera to take pictures of your progress! We have a hashtag on Instagram where you can see all of the pictures shared from class – Take a look here: #leedsaerialarts

Once you have been to a few classes you will find your own preferences with your clothing.

Our Aerial Silks are 100% Polyester and so cotton or jersey fabrics are the best choice for gripping to the equipment and keeping cool. Long leggings are great to protect your legs when climbing or descending, however you might find that rolling them up to have bare skin on your ankles and calves makes it easier to climb the silks. Don’t wear anything with zips or studs as this could damage the fabric. Wearing fitted clothing also helps the instructor to clearly see what you are doing when you are up in the air!

Hoop and Trapeze
Most prefer slippery Nylon fabrics for Hoop and Trapeze as it makes transitioning from one move to another a bit smoother. I like long leggings and a long sleeve top so that I can practice all night without worrying about getting sore. It is worth investing in a sturdy pair of leggings, there is nothing worse than going upside down and realising your leggings have gone see-through!

If in doubt, LAYER UP! I tend to wear layers which can be removed, pulled up or pulled down depending on what moves we are working on each week.

I hope that you have found this helpful, see you in class soon!