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I love coming to these classes. My strength and flexibility has really improved, and I always have a fun time. The teaching is great and the atmosphere is always relaxed and friendly.
Daisy Plante

As a complete novice & a pretty unfit one at that I came along with plenty of trepidation & lots of encouragement from a friend. I can honestly say I loved it & would highly recommend. Super friendly and supportive people, safe environment and it's all about setting your own goals. Be prepared to hurt the morning after though!
Niki Roach

The BEST aerial classes in Leeds. Lorna runs a really friendly and welcoming school and is constantly looking for new ways to provide more to her students with extra classes, workshops and performances. I'm so thrilled to have found Leeds Aerial Arts. Would recommend these classes to everyone!
Sharon Hughes

Fantastic class taught by an amazing instructor. A great workout that's fun to do. I loved every minute!
Alexandra Clark

Lorna teaches in a way of which is enjoyable but also inspiring, everything she does is perfect and she is determined to help you get to a high level of skill, she works with you as a group but also as an individual and wants you to achieve your goals as much if not more than yourself. She doesn't let you give up and I've never had a work out with results as good as this! I could sing her praise all day. highly recommend this class.
Rebecca Johnson

Lorna is extremely patient when explaining the moves and gives you individual time to ensure you're mastering them correctly. Great class, loads of fun!
Emma Fothergill

Brilliant classes, builds so much confidence and you really surprise yourself with what you can achieve. Thanks Lorna Xxxxx
Lottie Jones

Fab class! Lorna is so supportive and wonderful - I would definitely recommend it (and have!)
Emily Hawthorne

Brilliant, definitely found a favourite fitness class. Always a really positive atmosphere
Leanne Morgan

Brilliant fun & great exercise. Lorna has the patience of a saint
Gwendolyn Hill

Best class ever. Fun friendly and hard work but so rewarding.
Susan O'Donnell

Fantastic teacher, great classes (relaxed but pushed to progress) - loads of fun!!
Sarah Lj

Amazing class! Lorna has taught me so much about technique already how a stretch further and posture can completely change the look of a move.
Everyone should try this class!
Kirstie Watson