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We offer classes for all abilities at our two venues in Leeds City Centre and in Headingley.

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Advanced Aerial Hoop

For those with over 1 year of Aerial Hoop experience. Within this class you will cover more challenging conditioning exercises and flexibility moves to improve overall strength and flexibility. This group cover more complex sequences, including forward and backwards rolls on the hoop and drops!

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Aerial Hoop Fundamentals

Aerial Hoop is a fantastic full body workout designed to build strength, muscle tone and increase flexibility. It is a great way to get fit, work with others and push yourself to new limits! Master the basics with Leeds Aerial Arts within a relaxed and friendly environment.

This fundamentals course is for those completely new to, Aerial Hoop. This course will provide an introduction to Aerial Dancing and Aerial Hoop technique. Within the six week course you will learn the basic mounts and dismounts, static poses and basic rolls in a unique, full body workout!

Our instructors are highly experienced and welcoming, we tailor all of our classes to the needs of the group and all abilities. You do not need to have great upper body strength to begin with, this will improve along the way!

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Aerial Silks Fundamentals

Learn to climb, lock and drop on the Aerial Silks!

Aerial silks are widely regarded as the most beautiful of the aerial arts, but it is a test of strength and courage!

You do not need to have great upper body strengthen to begin with, you will built it along the way! Our experienced and welcoming instructor Sharon will teach you conditioning exercises to train your body for the aerial silks, you will learn to climbs, make wraps and locks and sequence moves together in the air. You will be amazed at what you can achieve within this short course, you will gain upper body and core strength as well as confidence and an awesome new skill! You are welcome to bring a camera to take pictures as you go!

The fundamentals course will teach the basics of aerial silks including climbs, foot locks, hip locks, inverts and catchers. This class is suited to those with no prior experience of aerial silks.

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Beginners Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks Leeds
For those who have completed the Fundamentals course or still building confidence on the aerial silks. You will continue to build strength on the equipment and progress on from the course. Alternatively complete beginners are welcome to try this class to experience aerial silks for the first time.

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Beginners/Improvers Aerial Hoop

For those with some experience of the Aerial Arts or reasonable upper body strength. This group will move on to more challenging dynamic moves and begin to combine movements in short sequences.

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Intermediate Aerial Hoop

For those with previous experience of Aerial Hoop and good upper body strength. This class will combine static and dynamic movements in more complex sequences, challenging strength and flexibility in order to perform more challenging routines!

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Intermediate Aerial Silks

For those who are confident climbing, locking and inverting on the Aerial Silks. This group will cover more challenging conditioning exercises to improve overall strength. You will learn more complex sequences on the silks to challenge strength and stamina, including some drops!

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