Top Tips For Successful Splits!

January 4, 2018By LornaHelpful infomation No Comments

You probably didn’t even think about conquering the splits before starting aerial, but now you will know that having good overall flexibility makes SUCH a difference. There are so many gorgeous flexy moves to be mastered, lets master them in 2018! I have always been quite flexible but only on my left side, and my … Read More

Price List

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One Aerial Class £13.00 Six Class Pass (£12 per class) Valid for 8 weeks £72.00 Ten Class Pass (£11 per class) Valid for 12 weeks £110.00 Cancellation Policy Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the class is due to start. All classes start on time, if you are late your place may be offered to another … Read More

Your First Aerial Class

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Brilliant! You have found us! But is it suitable for complete beginners? The answer is simple, YES! We all started as complete beginners and you are not expected to have any previous experience. Most importantly, you don’t need to have abs of steel or great upper body strength, you will build that along the way. … Read More

February Fitness Challenge! Week 1- HardCORE

February 1, 2017By LornaHelpful infomation No Comments

Take part in our February Fitness Challenge Four weeks & four challenges to build strength for aerial! Week 1 is all about CORE, try the exercises below for strong aerial abs! The exercises… Plank with shoulder taps Find a strong plank position, ensure that your shoulders are over your wrists, and that your head is in … Read More

Five Stretches For Achey Aerial Arms

January 18, 2017By LornaHelpful infomation No Comments

These 5 basic exercises will help to gently stretch your arms, shoulders and chest after aerial class, and can be done as part of your cool down, or in the days after exercise if you are feeling sore! They all static stretches, they lengthen the muscles until you feel a gentle stretch in the muscle belly, and … Read More

What should I wear to my Aerial class?

January 4, 2017By LornaHelpful infomation No Comments

You’ve booked on to your first aerial class, yippee! But what to wear??   For your first class, you should wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing which covers the backs of your knees, make sure that long hair is tied back, and that all jewellery is removed. Baggy clothing can get tangled, and baggy tops have a … Read More